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Confetti Balloons 

Confetti Balloons bring your balloons to the next level. These are helium-filled balloons filled with coloured or sparkly confetti designed to either just look great or be popped to produce a fun-filled balloon explosion! Bespoke Balloons one of the only Dublin Balloon Companies to offer Confetti balloons in all of our main product types - Clear Giant Balloons, Clear Heart Balloons or Clear Balloons in a Box! They are perfect for parties, product launches or as an ever popular and exciting "gender reveal balloon". These are giant black balloons filled with with either blue confetti or pink confetti and come with your custom message printed on the balloon. On popping the balloon explodes revealing whether the lucky family are to be blessed with a boy or a girl. Of course these luxury balloons aren't just for gender parties - they work just as well for Corporate events, product launches or just an entertaining party piece. We will also customise your confetti balloon to match your balloon colour or event. Sparkly gold if you're looking for a Celebration balloon, silver sparkle if it's a Silver Anniversary balloon or bright, primary colours if it's a child's party balloon. We can also fill your balloon with custom shapes so for instance you could fill it with cut-out yellow lego men or Disney characters. You can specify exactly what type of confetti you'd prefer in the note section of our online balloon shop. If you'd like some balloon ideas or advice we'd delighted to help you with that too. Call us anytime on our Dublin balloon hotline on 087 439 2200 - don't forget to check out the Bespoke Balloons Instagram page if you'd like to see what some of our wonderfully creative balloon customers have ordered! Or if you know what you want and are ready to go Click here to order and pay on-line.


Giant Confetti Balloon


Heart Filled Confetti Balloon


 Bat Halloween Confetti Balloon


Personalised Confetti Balloon


Clear Confetti Balloons Gold


Branded Confetti Balloon


Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon


Kid's Confetti Balloon


Coloured Confetti Balloon


Gold Confetti Balloons


Confetti Balloons - It's a Boy!


Birthday Confetti Balloons


All of the confetti balloons above are just ideas and examples to inspire you! Don't forget we will hand-craft and create your custom confetti balloon from scratch and with your input! No-one in Dublin can produce Confetti Balloons Dublin as beautifully as we do. Care, attention to detail and love are our watchwords and every single one of our balloon creations is as important to us as it is for you. Whether helium-filled or air-filled balloons, for a party or important corporate launch we promise to give your balloon the love and attention it rightly deserves. Our confetti balloons in a box can be delivered to any county in Ireland Cork, Limerick, Galway, Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland and we can sometimes arrange same-day delivery of certain balloons but only in Dublin area. Call us in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 on 087 439 2200 and together we will work through the perfect balloon for you! If you know exactly what you want and when, you can order online here - Click here to order and pay on-line.

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